About this magazine

“ME & MY EARTH” is a bilingual quarterly magazine, 1st issue published in November 2016, with the concept to transform the massage of conservation environment, forest & wildlife.


As for as we know, Mother Earth is a beautiful planet of our solar system to have life on it. Humans (including all other life form), are the luckiest one to be its integral part. Be it plankton system, animals, its water, glaciers, minerals, mountains etc s. Ownership of these yet belongs to the Earth, we Have to be very clear on it.

Around 500 years before AD, We had very good relationship with the mother earth. But ever since, we(human)developed concrete jungles, obnoxious smoke yielding factories, by ruthlessly destroying the forest which are “our lungs &they not only purify the air but ,also generate the oxygen to let us live for hundreds of years “but our life style has changed dramatically &we have been using(rather abusing)the nature resources beyond their carrying capacity ? Question may arise in the mind, what is it? Who will decide what should we carrying capacity like? Trust me; the answer is very simple, you have to think twice, who has allowed you to rampantly disrupt & dissect the mother Earth and its natural resources??? Are you shocked? is you and we who will & must decide the limits of distraction or re-construction of our forest resources

A world, where people and ecological functioning of Asian Elephants can co-exist across in the elephants' abode. Our strategies must include:

Protect elephants and their habitat. Reduce human-elephant conflict. Accept their wilderness for better co- existence.

Me and MyEarth